I love making music & I like helping people because I know how it feels to be in the dark but I also know now how it feels to find some light and with a bit of change, you can change a lot more.
No more excuses before I find at least 20 solutions and asked for help!

Thing is, I was seeing my own friends and family struggling with depression and it was hard for me to handle all at once. I have my own meltdowns and it took me years to figure out strategies to help myself. I am very sensitive and I can become obsessed with trying to find solutions without realizing that I've lost a day of work or I completely went out of my to-do list. When I put so many hours and days into it and the person is not willing to try, I become irritated because I feel that a part of it is my fault and that I might not have the right ways to communicate the help they need... I brainstormed on multiple things and came up with this idea '' BEAT depression" and asked myself, what if they choose to listen to me instead of me trying to force them? They usually like my beats... 

This was a project I started for myself and as I was hearing my own voice with the beat, it actually made me feel good. If it's helping me... it could also help others feel better so I decided to share my music In these positive ways to help and support my friends, my family and any other person who struggles with mental health problems. 



About 6 years ago they helped me and I am very grateful for that. I was also able to participate in the music show they host every year to raise funds on their mission to help teens and young adults who struggle with mental health.

Music, arts & people that can understand & support artists... I couldn't ask for better and I choose to give back what I can to help & spread good vibes.

Helping others can help us in the process of feeling better.