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I bring a change of angles by making connections between the current mandate, trends, logic and things that I take away from life in general, which is, I believe quite extensive. 


I use technology to create & Innovate.
Video production, video editing, animation, motion graphic, sound effects, music, visual effects, voice over, stop motion, photography, 3D, illustrations, graphic design, web design and more.  I am also a certified drone pilot. 

Ideation and creation of content that connects a brand to its prospective audience with the right mood, emotion and intention. 

You don't just need content, you need the right kind of content for your audience! 

I use professional software's like Adobe after effects, Adobe premiere pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Character animator, media encoder, Lightroom, Cinema 4D, Fl studio, Toon boom studio and others. 

Multimedia   Video production 
 Graphic Animation   
 Graphic Design   3D modeling  
 Photo manipulation  
Background Music Voice over   
Stop motion animation  Social media platforms

 Web   Strategies & more.

Your own freelance creator


Capsule Ado 

Members of Commission Jeunesse Gatineau explaining the municipal elections in 4 short videos. ​View videos


Video, editing, music, animated graphics.

Campagne de recrutement

The CJ have concocted a most sanitary 2020-2021 recruitment campaign :)


Video production and music

Gatineau Municipal Youth Action Strategy

A SMAJ is both a map and a compass. It identifies the priority changes desired by and with adolescents and youth partners, for young people in Gatineau.


Video, editing, music.

Sommet jeunesse 2019

9 promo video for ''Sommet Jeunesse 2019''.


Video, editing, music.

Aller mieux ca se peut

Doodle drawings to create a coloring book "Aller mieux ça se peut" en temps de covid-19. A great collaboration with Andrée Tremblay, director of the Lani Foundation.

Concept & Hand Drawings

Cri d'appel à la société

Ticket ''pay a ticket to a young person in need''


Concept and design

Ticket Web-01.jpg
Ticket Web-02.jpg

Faites Quelque Chose

Lani Foundation for suicide prevention. Support life promotion projects with a view to preventing suicide among young people aged 12 to 25

Video, editing, music, voice over.

J'accroche parce que j'aime

Qui est la personne qui fait la différence et t'encourage à persévérer à l'école?Ami, parent, professeur, entraineur, voisin, employeur ?

Team project, voice over, appearing.

Scène 1425 / Gatineau 

Initiation to broadcasting professions, development of performing arts management skills, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural identity, fostering cultural and artistic engagement and encouraging school perseverance among young people between the ages of 13 and 25.

Vidéo scène 1425

Radio Jeunesse

'' J'accroche parce que j'aime '' with Radio Jeunesse.
   Video narrator voice with Jade monette.


Other projects with youth radio:


Artistic Director/Coordinator

CJEO Jeunes Volontaire: Realization, coordination of the show and launch of CD Distriklab at the Salle Jean-Desprez in collaboration with the lab's social workers and artists. We made it happen! 

More to See!

Image by Ross Sneddon


Image by Johannes Plenio



Stop Motion

Image by Reinhart Julian


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Graphic Design

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